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MARIE-PIERRE THIEBAUT (1933-2010) : Shape and Gesture

18 OCT. 2019 – 19 JAN. 2020

Trained in sculpture by Ossip Zadkine, in 1967 and 1968, Marie-Pierre Thiébaut collaborated with the architect Fernand Pouillon in Algeria. The discovery of southern Algeria and its traditional constructions with simple shapes and understated decoration had a long-lasting influence on her art, imbued with light and a complicity with the matter and the material, stone, bronze, wood and plaster, but also dirt, cement, and paper.

Her streamlined architecture-sculptures are a perfect translation of the intimate link the artist preserves with nature while her series of fingers, palms, hands, breasts, and stomach, truly living prints, underline the omnipresence of the artist’s body within the creative process.

This exhibition is organised on the occasion of the important gift of the artist’s works recently granted to La Piscine by Michelle Porte.

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