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Textile Hangings

From Coptic fabrics to more contemporary creations, the fabric library houses a textiles collection of great wealth. Sample books from the House of Claude or the Société des Nouveautés Textiles, among others, presented the trends for a revolutionary period in terms of fashion, 1835 to 1937. These priceless archives reveal their silks, velvets, and cottons with motifs that are quite often surprising and astonishingly modern. Sheltered from light and curious stares, the fabric pieces wait in drawers until the moment they’re finally exhibited. Velvets from the Renaissance, lamé silks of the 18th century, warm Nord tapestries or foreign production from Italy, Austria, Russia, and more, in a variety of styles and periods throughout the centuries.

Every 3 months, the hangings in 7 display booths change and present a wide selection of this textile collection to the general public. Presented in an original manner which often echoes the other exhibitions, various styles and epochs stand side-by-side.

Fashion Hangings

The economic history of the city of Roubaix experienced a very important change when the industrial city of spinning and weaving mills slowly made room for the world of retail clothing and ready-to-wear. Closely linked to the manufacturing industry of Roubaix in the 19th century, the museum took this evolution into account. Sustained since the early 1990s by the generosity of designers, collectors, or donors to quality personal or family wardrobes, or through the purchases by the Friends of the Museum, the fashion collection constitutes an essential component of the heritage preserved at La Piscine. This collection of clothing and accessories from the 18th century to the present, with thousands of pieces, is presented to the general public in sequences every 3 months.

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