The senses trail

Since its opening in 2001, La Piscine museum has offered its visitors an original pathway of senses created by the famous designer Christian Astuguevieille whose personal work is precisely directed to multi-sensorial awakening. Fully incorporated in the site and at the heart of the collections, the Pathway of Senses develops complementary approaches to a traditional visit, rife with the echoes of the spirit of the building but also able to develop personal imagination. With this immersive system and the sensorial alerts adapted to each personality, everyone can approach the museum and its riches differently and dive into the institution’s project. For the museum’s reopening, after twenty-years’ experience, different proposals were imagined by Christian Astuguevieille to noticeably renew this iconic discovery of La Piscine.

For the sense of sight, the museum naturally offers paths and openings in the spaces, confronting the viewer with numerous objects and works of art.

For the sense of touch, a tactile area makes it possible to discover materials assembled in an imaginary closet.

For the sense of hearing, in nostalgic homage to the site’s memory, a sound staging of the basin (Bruno Follet creation) calls to mind the sound of swimmers playing in the pool.

For the sense of smell, olfactory readings of the works and spaces (Givaudan creation) are presented with perfume notes sprayed by facilitators during visits and events on the subject of the senses.

For the sense of taste lastly, in the restaurant’s preserved Art Deco interior – the museum’s tea room offers a gourmet halt with a menu adapted to the scheduling of the temporary exhibitions.