Discover the museum as a group

Every year, the museum welcomes numerous groups for visits and events. Strong action is taken for young audiences, within the scope of curricular or extra-curricular activities. The museum offers various themes for Events or the Take-Along Notebook Path for middle and high school students.

If events are available in French only, the Paths may be presented in English or in Dutch depending on the availability of guides.


The museum, its history, architecture, and permanent collections offer a wide range of subjects for visits.

The Fine-Arts Path

A chronological and subject approach based essentially on key pieces in the museum.

An Olfactive Itinerary

The discovery of several of our works with scents created for the Pathway of the Senses by Christian Astuguevieille, and the Givaudan Laboratories.

Animal Art of the 19th and 20th Centuries

Using an ensemble of remarkable works by Bonheur, Barye, Gardet, Debrie, Pompon, Bugatti, Poupelet, Sandoz, Lemar, Nam, Jouve, and more.

Sculpture of the 19th and 20th Centuries

A thematic, historical, and technical approach.


Northern creation through textile, painting and sculpture (fabric pieces and regional archives, Carpeaux, Cogghe, Weerts, the Roubaix Group).

Building Renovation

From the former municipal swimming pool to the museum.


A rotational presentation for preservation reasons. A different subject is presented every three months.

Masonic symbols in the museum’s architecture

Detecting and understanding these symbols which are subtly incorporated into the building’s architecture.

The expression of modesty in the museum collections

How is modesty conveyed in the museum’s works? What tricks do artists use to express modesty or their own modesty? How did they get around the taboos of their time?

Women artists in the museum collections

From painting to textile, by way of sculpture, drawing, and art objects (Camille Claudel, Tamara de Lempicka, Poupelet, etc.).

Stained Glass

Present in the museum collections and within the building, stained glass is broached from the historical, stylistic, and technical perspective.

The expression of black culture in the museum collections: Slavery and Emancipation

How art denounces the unacceptable.

Sports and Hygiene

Beginning in the 19th century, sports and hygiene boomed. The building and the museum collections are testimony to this development. A sound mind in a sound body (Homer).

We endeavour to make our visits accessible to the largest number of visitors.

Guided tours are available in English, Dutch, and German depending on the availability of guides.

Number of participants

  • Fine Arts Collections: groups of 20
  • Textile Collections: groups of 15

Ticket prices:

1-hour visit: 77€ per group + the museum admission fee for each participant

1-and-a-half-hour visit: 95€ per group + the museum admission fee for each participant

Visit limited to 1 hour after 6:00 pm, weekends, and holidays: 95€ per group + the museum admission fee for each participant.

All reservations not cancelled in writing 72 hours prior (excluding Saturday and Sunday) will be billed. This measure is also applicable to free guided visits.

Reservations at the Service des Publics:

Tel.: + 33 (0)3 20 69 23 67