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Vergé-Sarrat and Déchorain : Varied perspectives

25 June — 4 Sept. 2022

In 2015, the museum received a donation from Ms. Valia Boulay of a rich set of works by Henri Vergé-Sarrat (1880-1966) and Rolande Déchorain (1898-1977). As usual, La Piscine is presenting this significant collection and publishing a catalogue to share its collections as widely as possible.

Throughout the 20th century, attracted by the lavish light and the picturesque but still authentic landscapes, a number of European artists travelled through North Africa. Disregarding colonial clichés and free from ideological prejudice, the couple composed of the painters Henri Vergé-Sarrat and Rolande Déchorain visited North Africa several times, especially Algeria, a source of particular inspiration. It is this aspect of the artists’ work that was of particular interest to La Piscine in the context of the generous offer from Valia Boulay, who has also donated to a number of museums in France. This substantial donation has dramatically enhanced the museum’s graphic arts collection but also the testimony of these travelling painters, who were already well represented at La Piscine.

Committee made up of Amandine Delcourt
Catalogue published for the exhibition

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