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Demandez le programme ! Suivez l'actualité de La Piscine sur notre agenda .

Happy ART birthday!

Until March 28, 2021

25 years of the smallest gallery in the world (OR ALMOST)
Every year since 2011, the smallest gallery in the world (OR ALMOST), 69 rue des Arts in Roubaix, has offered an artist/photographer the opportunity to portray their neighbours and friends. Some 200 faces are then displayed for 12 months in the windows of the houses of the neighbourhood. The local resident becomes a model and a gallery owner, while the neighbourhood takes on a more gentle tone.
For the 25 years of the ppgm (OP), let’s check out a selection of the portraits of residents as seen from 10 different viewpoints. A tribute to diversity.

The 30th anniversary of the Braderie de l’Art (art sale)
The Braderie de l’Art emerged in 1991 from an original idea of Fanny Bouyagui, visual artist and founder of Art Point M. The first two events were held in the old municipal baths of Roubaix, which would later become the museum of La Piscine.
In 2020, the Braderie de l’Art will celebrate its 30th anniversary. What more beautiful symbol than to return to the museum’s pool for a retrospective exhibition in the autumn of 2020.

10 years of the Fil Rouge
50 exhibitions, 60 budding or seasoned French or Belgian artists, such is the summary of the first 10 years of the Fil Rouge, a Roubaix-based association that organises galleries exclusively devoted to contemporary ceramics. Led by a handful of motivated and active amateurs, it is located at 112 avenue Jean Lebas where the Fil Rouge shares its space with the Bureau d’Art et de Recherche (art and research office), or B.A.R., a partner gallery.
Under the generic name of QSP, as in Quantity Sufficient For…, the 112 av. Lebas has become a landmark in the world of contemporary art over the years.

Curator Sylvette Botella-Gaudichon

The exhibition design was completed thanks to generous support of the Couleurs de Tollens paints.

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